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Unique spiral battery, from 2AH to 80AH

EP-TPB seriesspiral battery series

Our unique spiral battery meets with the extreme  requirements of car batteries. It usually demands  super power in modern car. Nowadays,  even the  BMW and  Benz  choose spiral batteries in some cars  they made.  Race cars use spiral batteries because  they want the super fast start time-up to 0.6s.    Offroad vehicles are equipped with spiral battery  because of its superior vibration-resistance  performance.

New spiral wound battery adopts unit spiral winding technology: namely, closely wind positive plate acid  and negative plate into spiral. Lead oxide is used for the positive plate and pure lead for the negative plate, and polymer namo silicon solid electrolyte is absorbed by fiberglass mesh after accurate calculation and quantification. They are made very thin (only 0.3-0.5mm between plates) and winded into spiral.

 Main Features:

1. Superior high or low temperature performance and able to work under the temperature of -55℃~75℃

2. Fast chargeable charge , over 95% plus capacity may be charged within 40 minutes

3. Super service life, design float charging service life is more than 8 years

4. Very strong initial power and Slightly self-discharge

5.  Strong shock or vibration resistance

6. Good work ability at the status of PSOC


 Proven Applications:

1. Commercial and Pleasure marine                                                 2. Diesel engines and generators

3. High performance automotive sound system                              4. Off-road vehicle and Pickup trucks

5. Automobiles, Emergency Vehicles & Vessels                                6. Delivery truck and auto fleets

7. Farm and industrial equipment                                                    8. Racing vehicles and boats

9. Vintage and Classic vehicle